• Why was it an abomination for Israelites to eat pork?

    Why weren’t Israelites allowed to eat pork according to the Bible? For whom was this commandment really meant for? What commandment was given in the time of Noah? And what commandment is given unto Christians regarding what they can and cannot eat?      

  • Was Jesus Christ crucified on a stake or on a cross?

    According to the Bible, where was Christ crucified on — on a stake or on a cross, as implied in the Greek Bible? Are these biblical terms synonymous? What material was the cross made up of? Can there ever be contradiction in God’s words?

  • Can evil spirits touch and influence people?

    Can satan and the evil spirits touch all kinds of people? What are evil spirits capable of doing? According to the Bible, can those who fear and serve God be influenced by such spirits?

  • Is the Holy Week biblical?

    What is the implication if a person believes in the Holy Week? When should a man follow God’s commandments and be holy? Basing from the Bible, what are the erroneous practices that take place during the Holy Week?

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